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Giulio Graziani

Founder - CEO
Giulio is a qualified Italian Avvocato, registered to the Milan Bar Association since 2006, and among as member of Supervisory Boards according to the Italian Legislative Decree n.231/2001 and Data Protection Officer, he is also in the panel of the National Compliance Officer register held by Assocompliance. He specializes in Commercial and Corporate Law with an endorsement as consultant on new technology and innovation business. Thanks to the trustworthy and personal relations which he is able to set-up with his clients during the professional perfomance, he is highly respected from them. 
Endurance sports improved Giulio’s skills and personality, developing his resilient approach to achieve professional goals, always in balance with his private life.

Antonello Leogrande

Antonello, dually qualified as Avvocato before the Court of Cassation and Higher Courts in Italy and Solicitor before the Higher Courts in England and Wales, holds more than 30 year of practice in Civil, Commercial and International Business Law. As a second-generation lawyer, he practices since 1987 in Italy and 2013 in the United Kingdom. He is Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, with experience both in domestic as well as international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR). He is a liable, fair and professional legal consultant, valued for his natural problem-solving skills. Thanks to his professional and business networks, Antonello deals with cases and supports clients in every business development matter and is an trustworthy legal counsel for assets management, in the corporate sector as well as on commercial agreements. His support is strongly suggested for creative and innovative entrepreneurs as well as for risk assessment and dispute avoidance.

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