freebly Why

Joining freebly is a choice of positioning in the legal services marketplace, as well as a real lifestyle change

The freedom of managing the client in complete autonomy, together with the flexibility of adapting one’s time and method of work to personal needs and the needs of the client, allows one to perform the law profession with passion, without external constraints

The freelance lawyer will work with freebly as a consultant, so that he will perform the activity on first-hand basis, with no hierarchical limitations, and at the same time will enjoy the advantages of belonging to a well-organised law firm, in return of a percentage commission 

Who joins freebly will also get
  • support provided by coaches since the induction phase of the organizational model
  • constant and committed initial training
  • branding, marketing and driven communication
  • unlimited access to the office space and co-working environment at the prestigious venues of the office provider selected by freebly, in the most significant national and international cities
  • software and technological tools for data management, which will help out-of-office work

“freeblyness” is our philosophy of life