freebly was born from a shared dream, the first benefit corporate law firm in Italy

An innovative law firm whose awareness is not only providing top quality legal services, but also to achieve common benefits and equal and sustainable social development

Part of the profits are allocated for charities as well as welfare and well-being of professionals and collaborators

freebly is a neologism created by merging the two words Freedom and Flexibility, existential concepts at the basis of the firm’s value system

Our values


acting with intellectual honesty and creating genuine relationships


sharing with generosity and being welcoming with an open mind, gratitude and no prejudice


being aware and with no bias in order to develop your own lateral thinking


pursuing economic goals in balance with people and environment


The great value of freebly is the search for happiness of its professionals, all of whom have years of experience, and are all free to express themselves at best as people other than as lawyers


freebly represents a new model in the legal services market, where lawyers become entrepreneurs on their own, the organization, the structure and the hierarchies of the traditional law firms are dematerialized by technology 

Its professionals operate in smart working or among clients, they are free to manage their own time and activities, with no time sheet, and making quotation of their work preferably on prearranged and fixed fees basis.

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Clients of freebly can get legal services from senior lawyers and on prearranged and fixed fees basis Please write below your request of assistance and we will contact you soon

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Freebly is a new rewarding and inspiring work environment where you are free and outside the boundaries of a traditional law firm You will work somewhere and somehow you wish, your success will be proportional to your engagement Please write below why you are interested to freebly and we will contact you soon